The Physicians Quality Registry, LLC operates two CMS-approved Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QCDRs): The PQR and The PQR-ANES. Our mission is to streamline the collection and submission of high-quality performance data to CMS on behalf of MIPS eligible clinicians. Both of our QCDRs offer unique quality measures tailored to meet the specific requirements of acute care clinicians across various practice settings, including Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist, Critical Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Anesthesiology, Surgery, and Radiology. Our registries simplify the reporting and data submission process to CMS through a multi-level, real-time quality control methodology. This empowers clinical groups to submit data efficiently, identify and rectify errors, and assess their performance with ease.

We bring state of the art technology and unsurpassed service together to lessen your burden of managing and submitting quality data.